125th anniversary of the Coronation of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Dearly beloved,

Pope Francis is granting all the faithful of the world the possibility of obtaining an indulgence while staying at home on 12 December on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Coronation of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
On this occasion, I want to invite you to pray for our Bishop Ruben.
I suggest that you pray for him tomorrow, 12/12 at 12 noon so that we can have a communion in prayer in the Vicariate that Bishop Ruben desires.
Let us pray to the Lord Jesus that, through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, He may grant Bishop Ruben the grace of good health.
You can use the attached poster to invite others to pray.

Peace and Good
Br Pawel Szymala OFMCap, vic.del.

Appointment of new Archbishop of Smyrna

Resignation and appointment of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Izmir (Turkey)

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Izmir (Turkey), presented by His Excellency Mons. Lorenzo Piretto, OP.

The Holy Father has appointed Archbishop Metropolitan of İzmir the
Reverend Father Martin KMETEC OFM Conv.,
Currently Superior of the Community of Conventuals of Büyükdere, Istanbul.

Curriculum vitae

S.E. Msgr.Martin Kmetec O.F.M. Conv. Was born on November 10, 1956, in Ptuj, Slovenia. He completed his institutional studies of Theology and Philosophy in his religious Province in Slovenia, in which he made his simple profession on September 25, 1977, and the solemn profession on October 4, 1982. He obtained a Doctorate in Theology, with a specialization in Dialogue and Religions in the University of Ljubliana. In addition to Slovenian, he speaks Turkish, French and Italian. He was ordained as a priest on June 29, 1983. He has held various positions in his Order: Rector of the minor seminary, Missionary in Lebanon, Superior of various Convents. He was also Vicar Custos of the East and the Holy Land of the Friars Minor Conventual from 2014 to 2018. From 2011 to 2020 he was in the Convent of St. Mary in Büyükdere, Istanbul, but in the role of Superior only from 2018.

[01515 -IT.01]

The Holy Father has appointed the Most Reverend Luís Miguel Muñoz Cárdaba, nunciature counsellor, as apostolic nuncio to Sudan and Eritrea

At the same time elevating him to the titular see of Nasai, with the dignity of archbishop.

The Holy Father has appointed the Most Reverend Luís Miguel Muñoz Cárdaba, nunciature counsellor, as apostolic nuncio to Sudan and Eritrea, at the same time elevating him to the titular see of Nasai, with the dignity of archbishop.

Rev.do Mons. Luís Miguel Muñoz Cárdaba

We rejoice in the Lord for this happy news that honors our Church in Turkey. We express our sincere wish to our dear friend and brother, Archbishop Luis-Miguel for everything would be fine for him pledge of our prayers for him that the Lord always accompanies him in his delicate ministry where the countries he would be sent.


Bari, Turkish Church an example of hope

“The Church in Turkey is a school of hope”. Bishop Rubén Tierrablanca Gonzalez is Apostolic Vicar of Istanbul and participates to the meeting of the bishops and patriarchs of the Mediterranean area in Bari (Italy) with the awareness of those who know that an international event of this magnitude is a real gift: “It is a unique opportunity of confrontation between us bishops and the problems of the whole Mediterranean area. By listening to each other we can understand and help each other”. On the day in which the themes of migration, wars and poverty were the bench, Monsignor Tierrablanca Gonzalez wanted to emphasize that reality also shows positive perspectives such as those of his church.


Listen to the interview with bishop mons. Tierrablanca Gonzalez (Italian):


Priestly ordination in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit of Istanbul

İstanbul Kutsal Ruh Katedrali’nde Fransisken Rahip Alvaro Rodriguez Vázquez’nin Rahiplik Kutsaması yapıldı.

22 Kasım 2019 tarihinde, İstanbul Kutsal Ruh Katedrali’nde 8 ay önce İstanbul’a gelen ve 29 yaşındaki Meksikalı Alvaro Rodriguez Vázquez’nin görkemli Rahiplik Kutsamasını gerçekleştirildi.

Türkçe, İspanyolca ve İngilizce yapılan ayin, İstanbul Latin Katolik Kilisesi Episkoposu Monsenyör Ruben Tierrablanca tarafından yönetilirken Diyarbakır Keldani Katolik Kilisesi Başepiskoposu Monsenyör Ramzi Garmou ve Türkiye Süryani Katolik Kilisesi Patrik Vekili Korepiskoposu Monsenyör Orhan Çanlı eşlik etti. Süryani Ortodoks Kilisesi Korepiskoposu Monsenyör Melke Akyüz, Rum Ortodoks Kilisesi İstanbul Patrikhanesi temsilcisi, Türkiye’nin farklı şehirlerinden ve İstanbul’daki Katolik Kilisesi cemaatlerinden, Meksikalıların olduğu bir grup, rahipler ve rahibeler bu çok özel ayine katıldılar. (SAT-7 TÜRK/ Nathalie Ritzmann)