Caritas Turkey

General information

Msgr. Paolo Bizzeti
President of Caritas Turkey

Mr. Nadir Nadhim
General Director

Harbiye Cayiri sok 66
Elmadag 80230

Telefon: +90 212 23 44 564

Cep: +90 552 894 91 53

Fax: +90 212 233 1193

Caritas Turkey is an operational tool of the Bishops’ Conference in Turkey and to establish a Caritas in this country that is part of the largest and one human family and Caritas Network.

Caritas Turkey in cooperation with the communities, the parishes and the organizations of the civil society is essential to reach our objectives and create a change. In fact, it is important to us to prepare the ground to build a better society that takes into consideration also the needs of the poorest without discrimination.

Of course, our vision involves huge changes in the community we are working with, but we believe that everything should be done step by step.

The Intervention and Strategic Orientations of Caritas Turkey include:

  • Migration.
  •  Local community support and mobilization.
  •  Organizational Development.
  •  Emergency.